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Monday 11 December
Here are a few pictures from our syndicate athletics last Monday afternoon. The students did so well, especially in very hot conditions.
On Friday Seth and Sienna D. were announced as our class workers of the term - fantastic work all term by both of these two. This also meant Sienna earned five academic stickers and earned her first badge. This is an outstanding achievement for someone in Year 3. Be very proud of this Sienna.
Last week we had a class Mathletics challenge. About half of the students got involved in this. A big congratulations to 1st place Sienna D, 2nd place Layne, and 3rd place Jaxson. They all earned ridiculous amounts of points!!
We also had Willow and Luke A. earn their silver awards and Layne earn his second gold award. Great work team!
Athletics 1.jpg
Athletics 2.jpg
Athletics 3.jpg
Athletics 4.jpg

Mathletics silver 11.12.17.JPG
Mathletics challenge December.jpg
Workers of T4.jpg
Sienna achievers badge.JPG

Thursday 7 December
Today was "S Day!!". We had scientists, soccer players, swimmers, singers, superstars, sports stars and more. S Day was a way to celebrate with Mr Williams before he leaves. We got the whole school together to eat morning tea and then this afternoon we had a 'Mr Williams Hunt' where students had to hunt around and find sticks with his picture on them! It was heaps of fun because we had the sprinkler out too and everyone got an ice-block.
This week we have also been enjoying using our fabulous school pool. The weather has been perfect for a swim each day. students need to bring their togs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
Pool 1.JPG
Pool 2.JPG
S Day 1.JPG
S Day 2.JPG
S Day 3.JPG
S Day 6.JPG
S Day 7.JPG
S Day 4.JPG
S Day 5.JPG

Friday 1 December

This week we had three Mathletics awards - all silvers. Congratulations to Samantha, Madalae and Jadyn.
Next week we are having a class Mathletics challenge - watch this space.
Mathletics silver 1.12.17.jpg

Thursday 30 November
What a fun afternoon Karaka students got to have today. Gary created an amazing obstacle course just for us. There were class challenges, the challenge to carry an egg around the course without breaking it, and a cheering competition. It was just lots of fun ~ thanks so so much to Gary and the senior helpers!! :)
Obstacle 1.JPG
Obstacle 2.JPG
Obstacle 3.JPG
Obstacle 4.JPG
Obstacle 5.JPG
Obstacle 6.JPG
Obstacle 7.JPG
Obstacle 8.JPG
Obstacle 9.JPG
Obstacle 10.JPG

Yesterday Gary made us a lovely obstacle course. It was a blast. We had eight eggs and we had to put it on a spoon and go through the course without dropping the egg. If we dropped the egg and it didn't break we had to go back an obstacle. It was so fun. We got wet, dirty, and really really hot. We had the best time ever and we even got a bag of marshmallows! ~ Sienna F.

Yesterday Gary set up an obstacle course and we came second [overall]. First we had to use an egg and spoon. It was fun. Next we did a team race and then a class race. ~ Emma

When we went under the black ribbon there was a water sprinkler. Some people got wet. There was a maze and it was really twisty plus when we went under you could not breathe and it was swampy inside. Three of our eggs broke in the end. Room 6 got four marshmallows each. ~ Jaydn

Tuesday 28 November
A gold Mathletics award for Piper. She earned all of her points for this week on Monday night - very organised!
Piper gold 28.11.17.png

Friday 24 November
Mathletics 24.11.17.png

Reading logs 24.11.17.png

With the warm weather it was very hot at school Jump Jam this afternoon. But we still had lots of fun.
Jump Jam 1.jpg
Jump Jam 2.jpg

Today we learned a new maths game called 'Bowl a Fact'. The aim is to 'bowl' out all of your numbers the quickest. You write down all of the numbers from 1-10. Then you roll two dice and using those two numbers you have to make an equation. Whichever number your equation equals you can cross off. You repeat the process until someone is the winner. Both times we played we had joint winners. It is another way to practice basic facts and it also bring in some strategic thinking. Have a go at home!

Friday 17 November
Yesterday morning a few students participated in the
Spark programme with Mrs T. They did a session with
clay. Mrs T. was so impressed with Seth's creativity
that she nominated him for our school Become award
(which is given out for being capable and creative).
Awesome work Seth!

There were also certificates this week for Amy and
Jemma with their gold Mathletics awards. Emma also
achieved her next silver award.

Sadly today we said goodbye to Isabella as her family
moves to Rarotonga. We had a lovely shared lunch
with lots of yummy goodies. Thanks so much for
supporting this by sending along a plate. This afternoon
we presented Isabella with some photos and a NZ bag
that she can take with her. We will miss you Isabella!!

Tonight our three Jump Jam teams perform in the Franklin
Jump Jam competition - good luck everyone!! We know
you will be amazing!
Seth Become award.JPG
Mathletics 17.11.17.JPG
Isabella shared lunch.jpg

Monday 13 November
We have been celebrating in Room 6 today.
These students have made a huge improvement with their Schonell spelling test results. Noah has a spelling age over 12 years of age ~ we will be asking him if we need to spell any tricky words!
Spelling 13.11.17.jpg
And these students have moved onto the next stage with basic facts testing. Great work everyone!
Basic facts 13.11.17.jpg

Friday 10 November
Our next Mathletics awards go to Seth (a GOLD) and Layne (a silver) ~ great work boys.
Mathletics 10.11.17.jpg
And more silver awards for Zoe, Kaitiaki and Sienna D!
Mathletics silver 10.11.17.jpg

Saturday 4 November
Yesterday Lucas won first place at the Pukekohe Cardboard Car Rally. He got a medal for best car and won $500 for our school! Wow, Lucas this is amazing!
Lucas car 1.jpg
Lucas car 2.jpg

Friday 3 November
Another week has rushed by!! We have been doing lots of work on understanding fractions ~ they are tricky! Congratulations to Luke A. who earned is gold Mathletics certificate last week. Super work Luke. It's always exciting when someone achieves a gold. We've also been doing some reading testing and today we did our big Schonell spelling test. It is exciting to see students keen to improve in their learning.
Room 6 had Mrs Clarke on Wednesday and Thursday and she had lots of positive things to say about how students worked. On Wednesday after reading the story Funny Bones the class completed some very cool skeleton art.
On Friday we got to share the cakes we created for art with Mrs Taylor last term. A lot of work and creativity went into these so it was fabulous we could share them with the rest of the school. Isabella and Sienna D. did so well reading out what we did.

"We have been making paper mache cakes, in art with Mrs Taylor. We have made lions, unicorns, tree cakes, fruit and pineapple cakes, gingerbread cakes, a batman cake, a puppy cake, and birthday cakes. To make them we had to firstly tape a cardboard ring onto a flat, rectangular board. Next we stuffed the ring with screwed up newspaper and taped it down into the ring. After that we applied two layers of paper mache - one newspaper layer, then one white paper layer. The final stage was painting it and hot glue gunning on coloured cardboard details.
The hardest part for us was painting the flat base without getting paint accidentally on the sides. Some of us were quite bad at that!! The hardest part for Mrs Taylor was teaching us not to drown the cake in glue as we got glue on the fabric chairs, glue on the carpet, and glue over ourselves. We had sooooo much glue on the cakes that they stuck to the tables overnight and Mrs Taylor spent AGES scraping them off before Miss Steward found out!!
If we did them again it would be good to make zebra cakes."

Mathletics gold Luke A 3.11.17.jpg
Cakes 1.jpg
Cakes 2.jpg
Cakes 4.jpg
Cakes 6.jpg
Cakes 5.jpg
Cakes 7.jpg
Cakes 8.jpg
Cakes 9.jpg
Cakes 3.jpg
Skeletons 1.jpg
Skeletons 2.jpg
Skeletons 3.jpg
Skeletons 4.jpg

Friday 27 October
This afternoon we had some visitors from the Blue Light Trek stop in on their tour of different schools. They arrived very loudly with honking horns, different sirens and revving of engines. I think we heard them before we actually saw them! There were all sorts of different looking vehicles. One student in each syndicate was lucky enough to get a free bike and helmet. Other students received a drink bottle and some got a few other goodies as well. Blue Light is a charity that works alongside the police to deliver programmes and activities for children. Their visit added a bit of fun to our lunch break.
Bluelight trek 3.jpg
Bluelight trek 2.jpg
Bluelight trek 1.jpg

Friday 20 October
The first week is done and dusted! It has been hard getting back into routine. I think we've had non-stop chattering!
Homework is back to normal. Homework has two purposes - firstly to help develop routine and responsibility and secondly to work on skills that support in-class work.
  • Reading each night Monday to Thursday. Students usually get two school readers per week. On the days they have one they need to read (or re-read) this first. Students also have access to Sunshine Classics which has leveled readers and follow-up activities. We also visit the library weekly for students to select books for their own enjoyment. Our library day is Tuesday. Homework reading should also include questions and discussion around understanding the text.
  • Spelling each night Monday to Thursday. Students have their 10 weekly words to learn. They can write them down, say the letters aloud, find out word meanings, identify rhyming words, put words into a sentence... Different students prefer different methods of learning words so it's about finding what works.
  • Mathletics 1,000 points each week. Students complete set or self-chosen tasks. They can also work on basic facts by doing Live Mathletics challenges.

Connor gold 20.101.7.png

Thursday 28 September
After a busy morning we are ready for tomorrow!
Calf Club 2017 1.JPG
Calf Club 2017 2.JPG
Calf Club 2017 3.JPG
Calf Club 2017 4.JPG
Calf Club 2017 5.JPG
Calf Club 2017 6.JPG
Calf Club 2017 7.JPG
Calf Club 2017 8.JPG

Monday 25 September
This afternoon we held our Karaka Syndicate 'Talking Zoo' and it was fabulous!! What an amazing turnout we had. The students did such a great job sharing their animal information with so many people. I was really impressed with how well they all did ~ brilliant job Karaka Syndicate! :)
Talking Zoo 1.JPG
Talking Zoo 2.JPG
Talking Zoo 4.JPG
Talking Zoo 5.JPG
Talking Zoo 6.JPG
Talking Zoo 7.JPG
Talking Zoo 9.JPG
Talking Zoo 12.JPG
Talking Zoo 13.JPG
Talking Zoo 14.JPG
Talking Zoo 15.JPG
Talking Zoo 16.JPG
Talking Zoo 17.JPG
Talking Zoo 18.JPG
Talking Zoo 10.JPG

Friday 22 September
We have been working hard this week to complete our calendar art and our Talking Zoo presentations. These are now all complete!! Calf Club art is also finished and ready for judging. We finished off our week with our end of term assembly. Congratulations to Isabella and Jaxson who were our workers of the term. There has been a consistent effort all term by these two students - well done. Aston also received a credit for NSW English and Amy received a distinction! Wow, very very impressive!
Assembly 22.9.17.png

Wednesday 20 September
What a fabulous afternoon we had at our cross country! It was great to see family members come along to show their support. There were some very close races but the final results were:
Year 3 girls - 1st Taylah G - 2nd Tiana C - 3rd Madalae T - 4th Thalia W - 5th Georgia HYear 3 boys - 1st Jaxson M - 2nd Luke A - 3rd Layne D - 4th Zak K - 5th Lenox NYear 4 girls - 1st Amelie A - 2nd Sophie L - 3rd Georgia G - 4th Brianna N - 5th Taylor SYear 4 boys - 1st Robert F - 2nd Lucas T - 3rd Jacob C - 4th Noah H - 5th Oliver N
Here are a few pics:
C Country 12.jpg
C Country 11.jpg
The Year 3 girls about to start.
Madalae crossing the finish line.
C Country 10.jpg
C Country 9.jpg
The Year 3 boys keen to start.
Jaxson crossed the finish line first.
C Country 8.jpg
C Country 7.jpg
Layne about to cross the finish line.
Layne, Jaxson and Luke A after their race.
C Country 13.jpg
C Country 6.jpg
Luke came in second place.
Next was the Year 4 girls race.
C Country 15.jpg
C Country 14.jpg
Annabell and Brianna in action.
Isabella, Annabella and Kate crossing the finish line.
C Country 5.jpg
C Country 16.jpg
Our last race was the Year 4 boys.
The top four finishers.
C Country 3.jpg
C Country 4.jpg
Ayden running over the finish line.
Kaitiaki about to finish his race.
C Country 2.jpg
C Country 1.jpg
Our Year 3 girls. Well done Madalae on third place.
It was all Room 6 on the podium in the Year 3 boys race!

Tuesday 19 September
Tomorrow is our annual syndicate cross country event. We are planning to assemble on the back field at 1:45pm and go from there. Students need a change of clothes to run in. All welcome!
children running.jpg

Thursday 14 September
Great job Emma and Amy earning their next silver awards.
Mathletics silver 14.9.17.jpg

Tuesday 12 September
We had our final session with our instructors from Franklin Gymsport today. Things were a little bit different with a fun, team challenge happening. We also got to have another go at the circle running warm up and the statues game. It was great to see lots of students supporting each other. Here is a short video of some of our session.

Monday 11 September
I was away at a Numicon Maths workshop on Friday so Room 6 got to have Mrs Clarke for the day. I came in this morning to a fabulous surprise - Room 6 received the class shield at school assembly on Friday!! This is the first time we have won this. The shield is for the class spotted at assembly sitting up properly, being still and showing respect. Awesome work Room 6 :)
Class shield 2.jpg
Class shield 1.jpg

Friday 1 September
A few photos from the last couple of days.
Matific leaderboard 2.jpg
Matific leaderboard 1.jpg
On Thursday the Matific competition started. Room 7 and Room 6
were busy doing lots of activities and got Waiau Pa School onto
the leader board in 3rd place.
As a class Room 6 also managed to get onto the leader board of
New Zealand's top schools in 4th place. Unfortunately we didn't stay
there for long!
Mathletics silver 1.9.17.jpg
Writing sharing 1.jpg
Jaxson and Seth earned silver Mathletics awards this week.
This afternoon we buddied up with Room 12 and Room 14 to share
our pet stories that we have been working over this week. They also
shared some of their writing with us. It was fun to share our writing
with other classes. Thanks Room 12 and Room 14!!
Writing sharing 2.jpg
Writing sharing 3.jpg
Writing sharing 4.jpg
Writing sharing 5.jpg

Wednesday 30 August
This morning we had a special visitor come to Room 6. Elaine Blick is a local author who lives at Clarks Beach. She came to share with us how she comes up with ideas for her stories and to read some chapters from her latest book 'Katey the Beach Cat'. The book is written from Katey's point of view! We were very surprised to learn that Samantha's chickens are now living with Miss Blick and Katey. Miss Blick used to be a teacher and taught in both London and New Zealand. We learned that authors have to spend a lot of time coming up with their ideas before writing them down. Plus sometimes they have to write even when they don't want to. And that it can take about a year to write and publish a chapter book.
We decided we would have a go at writing an animal story either about a pet or as a pet. We hope we can share our stories with Miss Blick to see what she thinks.
Her top tips were to start writing about something you know and to use your imagination.

Monday 28 August
Calf Club is coming soon, so from today homework changes to incorporate preparations for this. The majority of the class is preparing either an animal, a garden or a project. These require lots of time and effort, so it is time to really get on top of what needs doing. Homework for all children doing something is now Calf Club preparations + reading (a mixture of school readers, library books, and Sunshine Classics stories). 1,000 Mathletics points for these students is optional. We will be doing some at school to keep this going.
The handful of Year 3 students who are not doing something for Calf Club this year will continue with reading and Mathletics as normal. They also have a list of high frequency words (the words used most in writing) glued into their homework book which they can work on over the next four weeks. There will not be weekly spelling tests.
All students have a sheet explaining the above changes glued into their homework book.

Friday 25 August
Congratulations to Aston on his next Mathletics award - a silver.
Mathletics silver 25.8.17.jpg

Tuesday 22 August
We had a huge amount of fun at gymnastics this afternoon! We tried lots of fun new activities.
Gym 5.jpg
Gym 6.jpg
Gym 7.jpg
Gym 8.jpg

Friday 18 August
This week, as part of Maths Week, Room 6 was issued the challenge of seeing if everyone could earn their 1,000 points. All but two managed this! As a class we earned nearly 75,000 points ~ a massive effort! We had three golds, a few silver awards and heaps of bronze awards.
As of this morning, the boy with the highest number of points was Jaxson (over 13,000) and the girl with the highest number of points was Zoe (nearly 5,000 points). A highly commended effort goes to Layne who earned over 11,000 points.
Students were also keen to complete activities on Matific and give the Maths Week daily quizzes a go.
We have also looked at where numbers are used in 'real life' and came up with a ginormous list - number plates, phone numbers, TV remotes, alarm clocks, rulers, movie schedules, board games, money, scales, credit cards, plane tickets, speed limit signs, book pages, recipes, thermometers, expiry dates on products, ovens, price tags, keyboards, and watches were some of our ideas. Numbers are important!
Maths week.jpg
Mathletics silver 18.8.17.jpg
Mathletics challenge August.jpg

Wednesday 16 August
Today's gold awards -
Gold Zoe 16.8.17.png

Ethan gold 16.8.17.png

Tuesday 15 August
Another gold Mathletics award!!! We are on a roll!!
Sienna gold 15.8.17.png

Monday 14 August
Exciting news - This week is:
nz maths week.jpg
The aim in Room 6 is to start every morning with maths!!!! Click on the picture to find some fun maths activities to do.

Last Friday two teams of students went along to the Franklin Year 3&4 netball competition in Pukekohe. A huge thank you to the fabulous group of mums who looked after the girls on the day, and an extra thanks to Georgia's mum and Isabella's mum who coached and organised the teams. The A grade team came third place in their grade. It was a fun day all around and an excellent experience.

When we arrived at the netball tournament there were all sorts of Franklin netball teams there. We saw Patumahoe and Bombay teams. We were split into two teams - Team A and Team B. We played lots of games. The last game we played was the hardest! We had a brilliant time :) By Isabella and Piper
Netball 1.jpg
Netball 2.jpg
Netball 3.jpg

Madalae with her gold Mathletics award.
Madalae gold 11.8.17.png

Friday 11 August
Never give up. Encourage others. Do your best. These were the messages we heard today during the NED Show. They are great messages to follow at home and at school. Hayley the presenter had us laughing with funny stories and amazing voices throughout the show. She also did fabulous tricks with a yo-yo. We were lucky to have this show come to Waiau Pa School.
NED 2.jpg
NED 1.jpg

It's a bit hard to tell in this photo but there were crazy hair styles and hair colours at school today. We were showing our support for KidsCan :)
Crazy hair August.jpg

Jaydn and Madalae both earned their first gold award for Mathletics this week. Very exciting! Madalae was away today but here is Jaydn with his award.
Jaydn gold 11.8.17.png

Thursday 10 August
Today a handful of Room 6 students got the opportunity to be taught by some of our Kauri Syndicate students. The seniors planned and ran two workshops - a writing workshop and a Super Pads workshop. This morning Isabella and Noah got to go along and create a special piece of writing. See if you can imagine the scene they are writing about -

The beautiful sky reflected down onto the sparkly ocean as the trees swayed nicely in the cold shivery breeze. All the busy people crowed the concrete pathways. Long lines and people waiting to go on all the fun and exciting rides. The yummy food almost sold out as every last cent is spent. ~ Isabella

The wonderful sunset reflected as we gazed at the night sky. The water was as turquoise as a turquoise jovi. Shells were spread all over the shore like shattered glass. The ancient concrete wall towers over the cliff face. Spooky paintings always watching you! A dark maze of dungeon cells shaking under the castle. Eerie sounds echo from the cells, and bounce off the walls. Edinburgh castle haunts the town. ~ Noah

In the middle block Kaitiaki, Jemma, Sienna D. and Amy become our Super Pads experts. We all become interested in Super Pads after senior students shared this at assembly. By downloading the app you can become a DJ - very fun!
super pads.png

Wednesday 9 August
Aston earned his next gold certificate a few weeks ago. Super job Aston! The challenge for students is to earn their 1,000 points each week through a mixture of set tasks, self-chosen tasks, and Live Mathletics.
Aston gold 8.8.17.png

Last week and this week for our topic 'Amazing Animals' we have been learning about classifying animals. We have discovered some animals are vertebrates and some are invertebrates. What are vertebrates and what are invertebrates? Ask you child and see if they can tell you.
Vertebrates and invertebrates.jpg

Tuesday 1 August
We've had a busy day today with Gymsport and Blow Up Soccer.
Soccer 1.JPG
Soccer 2.JPG
Soccer 3.JPG
Soccer 4.JPG
Gym 1.JPG
Gym 2.JPG
Gym 3.JPG
Gym 4.JPG

Monday 31 July
What an exciting morning we had today with some special visitors stopping by ~ some of the Counties Manukau Steelers! They talked to us about the importance of school, learning and doing your best. "Listening. Looking. Doing." They also shared what they love about playing rugby. Aston and Kaitiaki both got selected to be involved in a couple of the activities.
Steelers 1.JPG
Steelers 2.JPG
Steelers 3.JPG
Steelers 6.JPG
Steelers 4.JPG
Steelers 5.JPG

Friday 28 July
Congratulations to Jaxson for his first gold Mathletics certificate this week. It takes 20 weeks of earning your 1,000 points to earn a gold. This definitely requires lots of perseverance. Silver awards this week went to Amy, Seth and Lucas (and Piper who is away). Each Wednesday after lunch eating, students in the Karaka Syndicate have the option of coming along to 'Mathletics and Matific Club' where they can earn their points or complete extra activities. This is also a good opportunity for those students who don't have access to internet at home but are still committed to earning their weekly points.
Mathletics gold Jaxson 28.7.17.JPG
Mathletics silver 28.7.17.JPG

Thursday 27 July
Today students had a go at co-operatively organising animals into groups. They could organise them anyway they chose but had to give each group a name. Some group names were sea animals, flying animals, cute animals, and ugly animals!
Grouping 1.JPG
Grouping 2.JPG
Grouping 3.JPG
Grouping 4.JPG
Grouping 5.JPG
Grouping 6.JPG

Monday 24 July
Welcome to a new term!! Hopefully you enjoyed a nice break. Room 6 had three holiday birthdays, lots of trips to the movies, and lots of sleepovers!
Just a few things:
  • Homework is back to normal (reading, spelling words and Mathletics).
  • Calf Club talks will be on Wednesday afternoon for those students having a calf, lamb or goat, along with those doing a garden and a project. It was fantastic that all the students knew what they were doing.
  • Our Gymsport gymnastics programme starts next Tuesday afternoon. Please return all permission slips and money by Friday. Thanks to those who have already.
  • Each Monday afternoon for the next seven weeks we will be holding a rotation system where classes rotate around the different Karaka Syndicate teachers. Each teacher will be taking a different lesson/activity. This should be lots of fun.
  • Our topic this term is looking at animals. We will be finding out about features of animals, how they are grouped, different habitats, human involvement, and endangered animals. If you have expertise or connections in this area please let us know :)

Workers of T2.png

Wednesday 5 July
We have another gold award this week. Awesome work Layne!
Mathletics gold Layne 5.7.17.JPG

Friday 30 June
Today was our annual Grandparents' Day!!! It was nice to spend the afternoon with some of the people who hold such a special place in the lives of our students :)
G Day 1.JPG
G Day 2.JPG
G Day 3.JPG
G Day 4.JPG
G Day 5.JPG
G Day 6.JPG
G Day 7.JPG
G Day 8.JPG
G Day 9.JPG
G Day 10.JPG
G Day 11.JPG
G Day 12.JPG

Mathletics awards for today - Well done Isabella, Zoe, Noah and Luke A.
Mathletics silver 30.6.17.JPG

Thursday 29 June
Great work Kate and Samantha!
Gold 29.6.17.png

Wednesday 28 June
Overnight we received our last lot of letters from our pen pals in London. This time instead of arriving by post they arrived by email! It was exciting to read what they had said and see if they answered our questions. When they saw our photos they were very surprised so many children were wearing bare feet at school - they found this very strange! We will write back to them one more time before their school year finishes up next week.
Pen pals 28.6.17.JPG

This term our Kauri syndicate have had an air rocket at school. Today we were lucky enough to borrow it and experiment with it. The task was to use one piece of A4 paper, roll it around the plastic pipe and tape up one end. We then placed it onto the air rocket. Students had to work in pairs with one person pumping it (which was quite hard work) and one person pressing the blast off button. The results were mixed with some travelling a long way up and some travelling a long way out, and some not travelling far at all. We learnt that the end needed to be taped really well so none of the air could escape. If the air could escape then it didn't launch. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to experiment with different types of rockets. But it was very fun each time one blasted off!
Air rocket 2.JPG
Air rocket 3.JPG
Air rocket 5.JPG
Air rocket 4.JPG
Friday 23 June
Mathletics 23.6.17.png

Friday 16 June
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
This morning for publishing we looked at a poem called Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We then put this into practice by taking a used, clean 1kg yoghurt container and turning it into a new product. There were lots of creative ideas!
Reuse 1.JPG
Reuse 2.JPG
Reuse 3.JPG
Reuse 4.JPG
Reuse 5.JPG
Reuse 6.JPG

Reuse 7.JPG

Congratulations to Willow and Luke who were chosen to present their poems at our syndicate assembly this afternoon. They did a great job speaking in front of a large audience. Willow's poem was called I Wonder and Luke's was called My next door neighbour is a witch.
Poetry Luke and Willow.jpg

More silver Mathletics awards today too. They go to Madalae and Jaydn. Great to see you earn your 1,000 points this week :)
Silver 16.6.17.JPG

Wednesday 14 June
This afternoon for topic the students were issued the challenge of working in groups to make a balloon rocket. Groups were only able to use a balloon, a straw, 4m of string and a few pieces of tape. Some students had tried this before and were keen to share their knowledge. Let's just say there were mixed results and mixed group work skills on display!

Monday 12 June
Illness has severely hit Room 6 with eight students away today! Colds, tummy bugs and Strep throat seem to be making the rounds at school. It made for an unusual day with so many missing.
This morning we started our poetry reading and we were all impressed with the students who shared their poems as they knew their poem off by heart and were able to look up whilst saying it. We also had a great range of poems. Students are completing a reflection sheet after they watch their performance back on the iPad. This will come home in learning folders later in the term. The ability to reflect is one of our Powerful Learner traits.
This afternoon we also had the first of our two What's on the Menu? sessions. It was a great opportunity to get into the garden and into the kitchen. Thanks to the wonderful parents who ran this session and to Mrs Taylor for taking these photos.
Menu 2.JPG
Menu 3.JPG
Menu 4.JPG
Menu 6.JPG
Menu 7.JPG
Menu 8.JPG
Menu 9.JPG
Menu 11.JPG
Menu 12.JPG

Friday 9 June
This afternoon at our school assembly all of the Room 6 students who were here, had to get on stage and be involved in the sharing of some of our recent work. For a few this was taking a huge risk! But they all did it and should be proud of themselves!
Assembly 2.JPG
Assembly 3.JPG
Here are our pastel and dye octopus pictures. We created these
with Mrs Taylor. We had to learn how to draw overlapping legs
(which was quite tricky). We also had to make sure we used
up the whole page. Then we drew suckers on the legs, and
added eyes, seaweed and bubbles. Lastly we painted on red,
blue and brown dye. Lots of people commented on how
fantastic they look.
Madalae and Willow did a great job explaining what we have been
working on for writing this term. Amy shared her procedure for
making popcorn. Piper shared her instructions for how to log onto
Mathletics. Sienna explained about how to make fairy bread. And
Zoe and Seth shared information about Pygmy Seahorses.
Assembly 1.JPG
Assembly 4.JPG
Aston, Lucas and Jaxson shared a bit about making catapults
last week with Mrs Darby.
Here are the Room 6 students who were involved in the school
soccer competition. Mexico ended up winning. Jaxson was named
player of the competition!!!

Here are our latest silver Mathletics awards - A big well done to Ethan, Jaxson, Amy, Piper, Layne, Sienna and Aston (and Connor who was away sick today).
Silver 9.6.17.JPG

Thursday 8 June
Today for writing we watched a short video clip about Pygmy Seahorses. It was very interesting to find out about them. We found out that:
  • Pygmy seahorses are only about 2cm in size. This is the size of a paper clip. They are one of the smallest species of seahorses.
  • They spend their whole adult life on a type of coral called sea fan.
  • When they are babies they are a dull brown colour but they change colour to match the coloured sea fan they live on. A purple Pygmy Seahorse lives on purple sea fan. If it lives on orange sea fan it will turn orange.
  • Pygmy seahorses use camouflage to keep safe. If they don't find a perfect place to live they will die.
  • They also have bumps on their back called tubercles.
  • Baby seahorses pop out of the father's brood pouch.
  • Scientists from America studied them to find out more.

Friday 26 May
Congratulations to Brianna who earned a GOLD certificate for Mathletics today. This is fantastic! Zoe also earned her silver award.
Today we planted our lettuce seeds that we received at our Tread Lightly session. Students have taken these home to see if they can grow - How do we care for these? How long until we see shoots appear? How do those teeny seed turn into lettuce?
This morning Room 6 got a surprise when Mr Williams popped in to say that Gary had said we were the best class in the school for sorting our rubbish correctly. Since we got our new bins we have been learning about which things go in which bins. We had a good idea and then Ms Sims gave us some more information on Wednesday when we had a lesson with her. One of the tasks she got us to do was sort the pile of rubbish below into the correct bins. Super work Room 6 - we are doing well with our rubbish!

Tuesday 23 May
This afternoon was our Tread Lightly Caravan session. It was really interesting. Groups got to rotate around five different stations linked to rubbish, recycling, energy and our environment. Thanks to Mrs Arkinstall and Mrs Schollum who came along to help us. Check out the photos to see some of what we did.
So much of the rubbish that gets put into our landfills doesn't break
down and is still there in many years time. How can we reduce,
reuse and recycle to have less actual rubbish?
Inside the caravan we got to use the fancy microscope to look at
things found in our gardens and our environment - bees, snails,
worms, gorse...
What things go down our drains and then what happens to it once
it goes down there? We found out lots and lots of rubbish goes
down drains.
All sorts of liquids end up in our drains - rain water, detergent,
paint, oil...
How do we get energy? Where does it come from? What can
we do to save energy? We talked about turning off appliances
when they aren't being used. We also talked about some items
being better at saving energy than others.
All students got to have a turn winding the wheel to power each of
the light bulbs. Powering the sander definitely required lots of our
One of the stations was a game of Geckos and Vines which is
played like Snakes and Ladders. Students got to move up the
vine if they got a question correct but had to go down the gecko
if they got one wrong.
Could you answer some of the quiz questions:
-Do worms have eyes?
-Why do bumblebees have fluffy hair?
-Where are a weta's ears?
-Where does paper go once you have finished with it?
Towards the end of the session students looked at different
'pledges' they could take to help look after our environment.
They chose one thing they felt they could try to do.
There were lots of simple things like checking around the house
for leaky taps, turning off lights when you leave the room, taking
shorter showers, walking short distances instead of driving,
putting on more clothes when it's cold, turning the tap off when
brushing your teeth, planting a tree, and setting up a vegetable
or herb garden.
Tomorrow students will bring home a photo of them with their
choice. It would be great to talk about this as a family and see
what action you could take.
To finish our Tread Lightly visit all students got a little newspaper
pot filled with some soil. Tomorrow we will be planting our
lettuce seeds in them. Then we need to add some water and some
sun. Hopefully they grow!

Friday 10 May
Yesterday as part of the Spark programme some lucky students got to meet Louie the dog! Louie is a Border Collie who Mrs Norton is looking after. Seth, Jaxson, Emma, Willow and the other students watched a video about being safe around dogs before making their own poster with advice on dog safety. The class enjoyed hearing about this information. They also came back to class very excited to share that Louie was able to play soccer with them. He's a very clever dog.
On Wednesday the students had a huge amount of fun making and testing out paper planes. They read a book called the Perfect Paper Plane before having a go themselves. The aim was to get the plane to 'move' as far as you could. Some were fantastic. Today we followed up by watching a couple of clips/tutorials on paper plane making. The dart one looks like it would fly really well. The links for these clips are on the topic page (click on the orange button on the left) if you have some time to fill in this weekend and want to have a go :)
Silver 19.5.17.JPG
Dog safety.JPG
Silver Mathletics awards for Emma, Seth and Luke - super work!
Seth, Willow, Emma and Jaxson sharing their dog safety posters.

Tuesday 16 May
Next week is our Tread Lightly Caravan session. Ms Sims has done lots of organising for this visit and is very excited for them to come to Waiau Pa. Room 6 is still after two more parent helpers for our session on Tuesday afternoon. If you are able to help please get in touch asap. Check Tread Lightly for information about what they are all about.
We have also been doing a focus on sorting our school rubbish in a better way. We now have three bins in the classroom. One bin is for recycling, one bin is for soft plastics and the third bin is for other rubbish. We also have our worm bin outside for food scraps.
You may have seen a bin similar to the one below outside Room 12. This is 'Bin 10' which is where our soft plastics can go. Soft plastics include plastic supermarket bags, zip lock bags, lolly wrappers, toilet roll packaging, bread bags, muesli bar wrappers, chip packets, cereal packaging... We are lucky to have this bin at school for the term. Now we all have the challenge of thinking what bin our rubbish needs to go in.

Friday 12 May
Silver Mathletics awards today for Samantha, Jaydn, Jemma and Madalae!
Mathletics silver 12.5.17.JPG

Wednesday 10 May
It was excitement galore this afternoon as our next installment of pen pal letters arrived!! Not only did we get our letters but we also got pictures of our pen pals and some of their school. There were lots of conversations happening and suggestions on how we could reply. So cool. We then took some of our own photos around school that we will send back to them.
Pen pals 1.JPG
Pen pals 2.JPG
Pen pals 3.JPG

Tuesday 2 May
Welcome to Term Two! A class newsletter was sent home yesterday - I hope it made its way out of bags! We've had a fabulous two days getting back into things.
On this chilly Tuesday morning we had fun writing our weekly spelling words on the concrete in the sun. It was a fun way to work on learning them. Spelling is one of those tricky things where some people just get it and some people will always find it a challenge. For weekly spelling homework students are encouraged to find a way of learning their words that helps them. For some this is writing them down over and over. For others it is saying the letters of each word out aloud. For others it is chanting the letters repeatedly. For some it is making connections to other words they already know and also to spelling rules and patterns. Mixing up the order of the ten words is a good challenge too as it requires students to actually think about the word they are spelling. While we complete our spelling tests each Friday morning, aiming for long term retention of the words is always the goal.
Today we also spent some time looking at Sunshine Classics and Matific. For both of these programs students have their own login details (a copy of which is glued in the back of their homework book). For reading homework today students have been asked to go onto Sunshine Classics and choose a book to read. All students have been set books around their reading level. There is a range of interesting fiction and non-fiction texts for them to enjoy. There was lots of sharing and excited discussion today as students looked at various texts. We also had lots of excitement while trying out Matific and having a go at the set tasks. I was really impressed with students persevering to work out what the task required and also how they were teaching each other. They were very motivated to complete the activities. When you have some time ask them to show you how it works :)
Spelling 4.JPG
Spelling 3.JPG
Spelling 2.JPG
Spelling 1.JPG


Thursday 13 April
This week was silver for Emma and Seth, and gold for Amy - great to see these students doing Mathletics this week even when they didn't have to!
Mathletics 13.4.17.png

Congratulations to Amy and Aston who were Room 6's workers of the term. They have both made a great start to the year and have been setting a good example for others with their work habits and effort. Well done Amy and Aston. This term has been a busy one so I hope you have a super break, even if the weather doesn't co-operate.

Wednesday 12 April
Thanks to those parents who came along to Sharing My Learning last night. It was nice to see you pop in. I hope you had a good chance to look around the classroom and see the work your child has completed this term. I know the students really enjoyed showing you around and sharing their learning with you. Any forms from this evening or learning folders can be returned to school.

This morning we had our first session of turbo touch. This was something new for all of us.
"Ball down. Hands off. Tap the ball. Pick it up. Run or pass." ~ This is how a game of turbo touch starts. We also found out there is a rectangle area at the end where you can make a touch down and score for your team. And that you can do any kind of pass. We had lots of fun playing rats and rabbits and challenging each other to score. I was really impressed with all of Room 6's manners and effort during the session. We continue more lessons next term.
Turbo Touch 1.JPG
Turbo Touch 2.JPG
Turbo Touch 3.JPG
Turbo Touch 4.JPG
Turbo Touch 5.JPG
Turbo Touch 6.JPG

Friday 7 April
Today was the day of the great Easter egg hunt and the sun was even out!! Students searched high and low for sticks to fill their house bucket. Congratulations to Millen (blue) house who found the most. Two lucky students found the special tickets and won themselves large Easter eggs. Aston was also lucky when his name was pulled out of the draw and he won a $30 movie voucher - how cool. Thanks so much to our school PTA and their sponsors for organising today's fun. Easter eggs were enjoyed by all :)
Easter hunt 1.JPG
Easter hunt 4.JPG
Easter hunt 3.JPG
Easter hunt 2.JPG

It was Mathletics GOLD for Piper this week - awesome!
Mathletics gold Piper 7.4.17.JPG

Tuesday 4 April
This afternoon we got to experience the music performance group Strike. They shared their story and performed some items for us using different drums and the marimba. There was even an item using fire! Mrs T and Mr Dean got called up to have a turn. And Connor was lucky enough to be chosen to go on stage too.
Strike 1.JPG
Strike 2.JPG
Strike 4.JPG
Strike 6.JPG
Strike 5.JPG
Strike 7.JPG

Friday 31 March
Mathletics silver 31.3.17.JPG
Reading logs 31.3.17.JPG
Zoe and Connor earned their first silver Mathletics certicate today. A silver
certificate is earned after getting 1,000 points for five weeks.
These super readers have all completed 25 nights of reading or
more for homework!

Next week is looking to be a busy one with some fun things happening. On Tuesday we have the Strike music performance which sounds like lots of fun (please return permission slips and $2 if you haven't already). On Thursday we have some instructors coming to take us for a session of turbo touch and on Friday the PTA has organised a giant school Easter egg hunt! Plus we have syndicate sport on Monday afternoon, library on Tuesday, our music session on Wednesday, Bible on Thursday, and syndicate assembly on Friday. Hopefully we will have a bit of time to do some reading, writing and maths in between!

Thursday 30 March
Today six Room 6 students got the chance to learn a little bit of Japanese. Lucas, Ethan, Luke, Brianna, Samantha and Zoe worked with Mrs Cameron to learn some greetings, make an origami book mark, and learn the words to a nursery rhyme. Watch the clip below - can you work out which one it is? I hope you all had fun learning something new :)

Japanese 2.JPG
Japanese 1.JPG

Today was also wacky hair mufti day. This day was to help raise money for our senior Jump Jam team. There were lots of crazy hair styles - creative ones, spikey ones, colourful ones, teased ones...
Hair 1.JPG
Hair 2.JPG
Hair 3.JPG
Hair 4.JPG
Hair 5.JPG
Hair 6.JPG

Friday 24 March
Some photos from the last few days -
Dance group.JPG
Mathletics silver 24.4.17.JPG
On Thursday Isabella, Sienna, Emma, Kate and Willow got to go to a
dance workshop with Mrs Booth. The group learned a dance routine
and had heaps fun!
Brianna and Samantha earned their silver Mathletics certificate.
Great work girls.
Yellow house.JPG
Red house.JPG
Yellow house ready for Tug of War this afternoon.
Red house getting ready for action!
Blue house.JPG
Green house.JPG
Blue house is ready to go.
Go green house!!!!
Tug of war 1.JPG
Tug of war 2.JPG
Tug of war 4.JPG
Tug of war 3.JPG

Friday 17 March
It's the end of another week! Congratulations to Madalae, Layne and Jaydn for earning their first silver Mathletics certificate this week.
Today we had fun creating some name art. The aim was to create easy to read lettering with patterns and then choose a background colour and shape that really made the lettering stand out. Some choices were very effective. When they'll all put up together they look fantastic.
Mathletics silver 17.3.17.JPG

Name art 2.png

Thursday 16 March
Flax making -
"Today we went to Room 16 to make some flax flowers. First we had to go behind Room 16 to pick flax from the garden. We went inside and split our flax into six pieces at the top. We had to weave it going under and over, just like plaiting hair. Next we had to twist the middle knot. At the end we cut some of the stalk off. And we then had flowers. It was really really hard and took a long time but it was fun." By Luke A, Isabella, Sienna D. and Jaxson.
Flax flowers.JPG

Wednesday 15 March
We got to have our syndicate swimming sports today. It was fabulous to get everyone together and see students taking a risk with doing the length races. Some students had to do many lengths with heats, semis and finals! Other students then got involved in the team relays and showed us their skill and confidence with four different activities. I was really impressed to see and hear lots of sportsmanship and encouragement coming from students towards other students. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos. It was great to have so many parents turn up to show their support :)

Tuesday 14 March
We are planning to go ahead with our syndicate swimming sports tomorrow - as long as the weather co-operates! We will be starting just after 11am. Everyone welcome :)

Friday 10 March
Today it was silver, silver and more silver! For the Year 3 students below it was their first silver award. They have earned their 1,000 points every week since we started ~ Awesome work :)
Mathletics silver 10.3.17.JPG

Wednesday 8 March
We have been rained out for swimming sports today!! We will see if we can organise a new day and time next week.

Friday 3 March
A silver Mathletics award for Piper today. And a principal's certificate for Sienna D. today at school assembly for being in charge of her learning - for organising herself, for listening to instructions, for starting work quickly, for completing all tasks and for thinking for herself. Awesome work Sienna. You are a Powerful Learner!
Piper silver 3.3.17.JPG
Sienna D assembly award 3.3.17.JPG

Thursday 2 March
This morning we had a special visitor - Terry Ted and his mysterious box.
"Terry Ted came home from his building work one day to find a mysterious box sitting on his doorstep. He was so surprised and wondered so many things. Who was it from? What was inside it? Was it really for him? Should he open it?"

Straight away there was lots of discussion about what was in the box.
Some ideas included:
-a big bunch of balloons
-seals for him to eat
-polar bear cubs
-a food machine that would make him anything he wanted
-a ginormous cake
-a huge collection of dress up clothes
-a robot to help him do his work
-a money machine
-a tiny crystal (which was inside the box, inside a another box, inside another box...)
-lots of chocolate fish
-a huge bubble machine
-magic trick equipment
-tools for work

What do you think is in the box???

Terry Ted 1.JPG

Tuesday 28 February
Swimming 3.png

Friday 24 February
Silver Mathletics awards this week for Brianna and Kate ~ super job girls!
Mathletics silver 24.2.17.JPG

This afternoon at our syndicate assembly Piper and Noah were our presenters. It was great to get the whole syndicate together. While we were there we watched a video on how hard it can be to 'FOCUS' when there are distractions! Our goal for next week is to see if we can focus in class.

Thursday 23 February
This afternoon eight Room 6 students were allowed to make paper planes in class time! Mr Dean took eight students and they experimented with lots of different plane types. Afterwards they came back and showed the class their planes and we tried them out. It was lots of fun!


In Room 6 we have been looking at different activities on Mathletics. Mathletics is completed as part of homework and also as part of maths sessions. Currently students are able to have a go at place value, basic facts, addition and subtraction, and measurement tasks. Each section has different activities that can be completed. All scores are recorded and can then be used to help with future teaching. Mathletics also has links to Live Mathletics, Times Table Toons, Problem-Solving and Rainforest Maths ~ in other words lots of maths activities!
Each week students earn their 1,000 points which gives them a bronze certificate. After four bronze certificates students earn a silver and so this continues until after 20 weeks students earn a gold. Today Noah earned his first gold certificate ~ awesome work Noah!!
Noah gold 23.2.17.JPG
Mathletics general 1.JPG
Mathletics general 2.JPG
Mathletics general 3.JPG

Friday 17 February
Well done to Isabella and Aston who shared their holiday writing at school assembly. You both did a great job reading with good volume and expression!
Assembly Isabella and Aston.JPG

Tuesday 14 February
This week has seen the start of homework. Surprisingly most students were happy about this yesterday! All homework information is glued into homework books. Students have enthusiastically been working on Mathletics tasks and earning lots of points. They are all aiming to reach the 1,000 points target. Some are there already!

Thursday 9 February
We got mail!!! Room 6 had a huge surprise when Mr Williams delivered an envelope addressed to us - all the way from London, England! Inside were letters for everyone from Year 4 children who go to school in England. These students are going to be our pen pals. There was lots of excitement as we read our letters and found out who our buddies were. Some buddies had the same interests and some buddies even had the same birthday! We are looking forward to writing back to them next week and finding out more about them.
Penpals 2.JPG
Penpals 1.JPG
Penpals 3.JPG
Penpals 5.JPG

Tuesday 7 February
This morning we had our first lesson with the instructors from Fulton Swim School. Today they were seeing what we could do in the pool. We showed them our starfish, our floating, our freestyle and our sculling. The instructors also told us about how to be safe in water. Our next lesson is tomorrow. I wonder what we will do!
Fulton 1.JPG
Fulton 2.JPG
Fulton 3.JPG
Fulton 4.JPG

Thursday 2 February
Thanks so much to the parents who have returned the student interest survey - I was very surprised with the large number that came back today!

A few people have asked about labels for books:
The 7 normal books - Handwriting & Poetry, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Topic, Homework, Maths worksheets
The unlined book - Maths & Art
The notebook - Writing journal
The maths book - Maths

This afternoon we hit the pool for the first time. We are really lucky to have access to a school pool and while the weather is great we are going to make the most of it. At this stage students need to bring their togs every day. Starting on Tuesday we will be having lessons taken by Fulton Swim School. This sounds like lots of fun.
Swimming 1.JPG
Swimming 2.JPG

Wednesday 1 February
Welcome to the term!!

PicCollage day 1.png

PicCollage day 1 (2).png

Friday 27 January
Five days until school starts! See you on Wednesday 1st February!

back to school.png