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Friday 24 november
week 6 reflection
For sport I have been doing high jump,long jump, herds,relays and sprints.
My favourite one is high jump.


Tuesday 26 September
Week 10 Reflection
We have had a busy few weeks.

For cross country last week, I came 7th place. I had to see if I came a better place than last year because last year I did the fit kid challenge.

For our talking Zoo I chose an okapi because I wonted to do an unusual animal and I wanted to do an endangered anima.

For calf club I am looking forward to seeing my sisters project because she worked really hard on it.

This term I am proud of all my art that I have done because I worked really hard on them throughout the whole of term 3.

Friday 11 August
week 3
today we had a great time at the NED show. Haley was amasing .She did lots and lots of cool tricks like yo yo and Balloon tricks. she taled us a great stroy. the N stanes for never give up the E stanes for eacourage others and the D stanes for do your best.

Related image
Related image

Thursday 3 August
Week 2
Two things that we have done this week...
gymnastics and print making
I liked gymnastics because we got to play died bug tag. the best stashen was namber 3'
I liked print making because we got to pant leaves

for art we have just finished our turtle pictures. we made these with mrs talyor to make these we had to... we had to chose from worm and cold calours I chose cold. My calours were yollow blue gray

Tuesday 25 july
Week one
our rich focus for this term is care. I can show care at school by halping others when they get hurt and play with friends when they are sad. I can show care at home by halping my sister with pazzles and feed my dog.

my goal for this term is to get better at crosscountry.

one great thing from my holiday was going to Despicable me 3. I went with my 2 sisters anaya and monique and my 2 brothers jordan and alec and my mum.

for cross country I am feeling novres but exited.



wednesday 5 april
Image result for fingerprint clipart
Image result for fingerprint clipart

1. Fingerprints are hard to find.
2. You might have a loop a whorl or a arch fingerprint pattern.
3. no one has the same fingerprints not even twins.
4. your fingerprints will always stay the same.

Friday 24 March

My name is sienna and I love ice cream, dancing, baking, and swmming.
I love dancing, baking and swmming because their fun to do.

Friday 3 March
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