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Friday 24 November
week 6 reflection
For sports i have been doing high jump long jump sprints


Tuesday 26 September
Wiki Reflection
we had a busy few weeks.

For cross country last week i ran the hole way and came 11th.

for the talking zoo i chose bengal tiger it was fun.

For calf club i am doing a garden

This term i am proud of reading

Friday 11 August
The ned show
Today we had a great time at the NED show. Hailey was abale to do lots of cool tricks It was funny. she told heapes of cool storys.

Image result for ned show
Image result for ned show

Thursday 3 August
Week 2 reflection
Two Tings I have done this week are gymnastics and blow up soccer.
for gymnastics we lernt a new game called dead bug tag it was fun.
For blow up soccer i played in the big filed.

Tuesday 25 July
Week 1
Our RICH focus this term is care. I can show care at school by talking politely and helping someone up when someone has falin down. i can show show care at home by helping mum do the washing. feeding my dog casey in the morning.

My goal for this term is to get better at subtration.

One great thing from the holidays was I stayed at a hotel for mums birthday. for one night.

For cross country I am felling scared and horrified.


Friday 14 may

Happy Mothers day
Image result for mother's day clip art
Image result for mother's day clip art


My favourite Subject are reading and Writing

FRIDAY 9 may
welcome to my wiki page