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friday 24 november
week 6
for sport i have been doing long jump,high jump,shot put,sprints,
my favourot one is shot put


Tuesday 26 September
week 10 reflection
we have had a busy few weeks

for cross country last week I did better than I thought for not coming last

for our talking zoo I chose a laughing kookaburra here is one fact. laughing kookaburras chicks hatch with out feathers and without there eyes closed

for calf club I cant wait to find out what place I come for my herb tower

this term I am proud of my octopus art

Tuesday 25 July
week one
Our RICH focus for this term is care.I can show care at school by saying good morning and good by to the techer in the morning and the arfternoons and talk nicsly to my frends
I can show care at home by helping mum by reading my little brothers storys and helping my brother tidy up his dinosores.
my goal for this is to get up to ruby in reading

One great from my holidays was seeing my grandad and grandmas house

for cross country I am feeling confidint


Friday 12 may
This term I have been working hard to get all my homework complete each week
i have been enjoying art with Mrs Taylor
On sunday it is mothers day. my mum is fabulous.
Image result for Happy Mothers day
Image result for Happy Mothers day


Friday 24 march
I am piper and I am 8 years old.
I have 3 pets one dog and two cats.
I have one little brother and I am the oldest.
I am in room 6 and I go two waiau pa school I am a year 4.
Amy,Molly,Sofia and Isabella are my best friends.
At school my favourite subjects are art,maths and ketchups and pickles.
This year I hope I go on a trip to ranbow springs

Thursday 9 March
Reading activity - how many words can you create and spell?
Piper letters 9.3.17.JPG

Friday 3 March
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