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Friday 24 November
Week 6 Reflection
For sport I have been doing XXX.
My favourite one is XXX.


Tuesday 26 September
Week 10 Reflection
We have had a busy few weeks.

For cross country last week I...

For our Talking Zoo I chose...

For Calf Club I...

This term I am proud of...

Friday 11 August
Week 3
Today we had a great time at the NED show. Hayley was able to do heaps of cool balloon tricks. She talked to us about - never give up, encourage others and do your best. We heard funny stories and Hayley was awesome at funny voices!

Image result for ned show
Image result for ned show

Thursday 3 August
Week 2
Two things we have done this week are...

For art we have just finished our turtle pictures. We made these with Mrs Taylor. To make these we had to...

Tuesday 25 July
Week 1
Our RICH focus for this term is care. I can show care at school by talking politely to other people and saying good morning to my friends when they get to school in the morning. I can show care at home by making sure my dog gets fed every morning and helping my little brother clean his room.

My goal for this term is to

One great thing from my holiday was

For cross country I am feeling


Friday 12 May
This term I have been working hard to...
I have been enjoying...
On Sunday it is Mother's Day. My mum is...
Image result for mother's day clipart
Image result for mother's day clipart


Thursday 5 April
1. Nobody in the world has the same fingerprints, not even twins.
2. Police can dust for fingerprints to help solve crimes.
3. You have the same fingerprints for your whole life.
4. There are different types of fingerprint patterns - loop, whorl and arch.
Image result for fingerprint clipart
Image result for fingerprint clipart

Friday 24 March
My name is Miss Steward and I am a teacher in Room 6.

At school my favourite subjects are...

This year I hope I...

Friday 3 March
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