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Friday 24 November
Week 6 Reflection
For sport I have been doing the high jump.
My favourite one is the high jump.

Tuesday 26 september
week 10 Reflection
we have had a busy few week's.

for cross country last week I... came third place and it was amazing because i normaly come 1st 2nd or 5th place and i came third because i tried my best.

For our talking zoo chose...a spotted hyena and i got 39 people come to me and they gave me a Hi-five and they also said great work madalae but i did have to say my name
a few times.

For calf club l ... am doing a minicher garden also a anuchiwill contana and a vege and fruit animal.

This tearm i am proud of ... me being a hard worker and rispectfull and h onest.

Thursday 3 August
Two things we have done this week are.blow up soccer and gymnastics.at gymnastics we played a game called dead bugs and at blow up soccer we played cow girl and soccer.at gymnastics my favrit section is section 3.
for art we just finished our turtle pictures. We made these with Mrs Taylor. To make these we had to. draw a picture off a turtle then coller in with pastil we had to pick out off colled or hot I picked hot andvthen we had to pick a back grouned then we had to cut out six curcils of paper and then make them in to flours and then we grabed a hot glowgun and glow on the fack flours and then your done.

Tuesday 25 July
Week 1
Our RICH focus for this term is care.I can show care at school by helping someone when there hurt badly. and being helpful to people when they get stuck. and helping my friends when they are sad.

My goal for this term is to. be a good scientist

One great thing from my holidays was. going to my friends sisters birthday party.

For cross country I am feeling. nervis.


Friday 12 May

This term I have been working hard to...do things that i have never done befor
I have been enjoying... maths
on Sunday it is mothers day. My mum is..amazing at soccer

Image result for mother's day clip art
Image result for mother's day clip art