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Tuesday 26 September
Week 10 Reflection
We have had a Busy few Weeks

For cross country last week I Felt Nerveos

For our Talking zoo I Choose Bengal Tiger

for Calf Culb I Did A project

This term I am proud of My writing

Friday 11 August
Week 3
Today we had a great time at the NED show . Hayley was able
to do heaps of cool baloon tricks . She Talked about -never giving up
-Encourage Others AND -Do your best . We heard funny stories
And Hayley was awsome at funny voices !!!!
Image result for ned show
Image result for ned show

Thursday 3 August
Week 2

1.This week we did gym
2.And we did blow up soccer it was fun

For art we have just finished our turtle pictures. We made these with Mrs
Taylor. To make these we had to...pick warm or cold i pick warm

Tuesday 25 July
Week 1
Our RICH focus for this team is care. I can show care at school by Asking Others Are you OK!!! .And by helping Others. And Including others in games Like Bulrush,Tag,Hide And Seek, I can help My big brother when hes sick and help him cook apple feeding the dog helping mum make dinner .

My Goal for this team is to Writing and Reading and Geting ready for class . plus maths One great thing from the holidays was ...Watching Despicable me 3 .

For Cross country I am Feling Nevous


Friday 12 May
This team I have been working hard at writing
I have been enjoying art
On Sunday it is mother day happy

Image result for mother's day clip art
Image result for mother's day clip art


Friday 10 march
My name is lukestewart
i am 7

Wednesday 5 April
Welcome to my wiki page

fact 1 twins don,t have the same fingerprints fact 2 they put the power on surfaces at the cime scene fact 3 their are 3 fingerprints

fact 4 the 3 fingerprints are loop arch and whorl