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Friday 24 November
Week 6 Reflection
For sport i have been doing sprints, long jump, shot put
My favourite one is sprints and long jump

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Tuesday 26 September
week 10 Reflection

we have had a busy few weeks.

For cross country last week i was really nervis but i still came second

For talking zoo i chose a bengal tiger cause they are intristing

for calf club i am doing three progeces

Friday 11 August
week 3
The Ned show
Today we went to the ned show it was really funny the akder hally was funny.My favourite part was when she the pink balloon ceped blowing dow also when she put the tushyou in her morth and when she pulled it out their wher heaps of colers caming out.She also did some yoyo triks it was really cool because she was torcing funny at the some time when she was yoyoing also we lent three things they wher do your best never give up and encourage others.hally was a cool girl because she was the funnyist girl i have ever seen in my life
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Thursday 3 August
week 2
Two things we have done this week are...

1. thing we played blow up soccer
2. And we did printing leaves

For art we have done turtils octerpors and more some people did it good like Amy and some more.
We also did faces of room 6 people they were really cool

Tuesday 25 July
week 1

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Our rich focus for this term is care. i can show care at school by taking to litte kids when they crying.
i can show care at home by feeding the cat and chikins and rabbits every wensday morning.

My goal for this term is to get my first goad certifficit also geting farter at typing

one great thing from my holidays was going to Whangamata. I went with my nana, my brother and auntie igad lost fun becaues my oldist cison samyow
i got to my other cousin caralan
For cross country i am feeling happy becaues i am the third


Friday 12 may
This term i have been working hard to...do maths really good
i have been enjoying...games with mrs taly
on sunday it is mother`s day my mum is ...so happy


friday 24 march
my name is luke l am a year three and I have a brother and a sister.we have a cat
called woo and sparky. my brother

Friday 3 March

wednesday 5 april

welcame to my wiki page

fact 1 seven seventeen or seventy-seven year old your fingerprints stay the same.
fact 2 Not even twins every pattern of ridges on every finger and thumb is different.
fact 3 thers loop whorl or arch.
fact 4 fingerprints can be hard to find