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friday 24 november.
week 6 Reflection
for sport i have been doing long jump sprints and high jump.
my favorite one is high jump.


Thursday 3 August
week 2
this week two things we have done this week are... blow up socer and i went to the library

Tuesday 25 July
week 1
This term our RICH focus is care. I can show care at school by playing with people ho have no won to play with and helping to find somthing for a friend
I can show care at home by helping my little sister clean her room and do the dishes
my goal for this term is to do better handwriting
one great thing from my holiday was geting my hairbob


friday 12 may


Friday 24 march

Friday 3 March
Welcome to my wiki page
i have a little sister and a twin sister
and two pet pupes there