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Friday 24 November
Week 6 Reflection
For sport i have been doing long, jump high jump,running,hurdles shot pot relays.
My favourites are long jump,running and high jump shot pot.


Tuesday 26 september
We have had a busy few weeks

For cross country last week... it was tiring and i cross the finsh line by doing 2 lapes of the feild.

For our talking Zoo I chose.... a bengal tiger and it was fun reading it to the pepole who came to me it was fun reading it to people.

For calf club i ... did a herb tower and made herbs it was fun put tiring i did it all morning and at noon

This term I am proud of....it was ejoing calf club coming up and cross country last week was so hard doing my last lap

Friday 11 August
Week 3
The Ned show
Today we went to the Ned show. Hally did lots of cool of yo-yo tricks. My favourite part is that hally put the tissue in her mouth and when she put the tissue out it change coluorand the colours were red, white,green,orange,pink,yellow. we learnt that Never giving up and do our best also encourage other people.It was cool when she was doing the ballon tricks it was cool when hally was bumping the ballon on her forhead and it was touching the lights.It was cool when they were talking about there morning with Ned too.When they were talking about the story Ned had a bad attaude. it was cool when she was blowing up the pink ballon it keep on going down.

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Thursday 3 August
Week 2
Two things we have done this week is Blow up soccer and Print making on monday.we went to room 8 to do print making of levers.We went to the front feld we herd the rules and played blow up soccer.

For art we have just finish the turtle pictures. We made these with Mrs Taylor. To make these we had to use cold colours and warm colours for our turtle and then we cut the turtle around carefully. Then Mrs Taylor made our told us to make for our flowers for the background to stand out.

Tuesday 25 July
Week 1
Our RICH focus for this term is care. I can show care at school by helping someone when they are hurt and talking kind to my friend . I can show care at home by helping my dad and mum foled the clothes and pack the clothes away. Help my brothers do there breakfast and do there room.

My goal for this term is getting 10 out of 10 for maths and get my 1,0000 points for homework.

One great thing from my holidays was going to jump and ice cream.the best part was going to JUMP. With my family but not my dad.

For cross country i am felling happy



Wedensday 5 April
1. Fingerprints are hard to find.
2. Not even twins have the same finger prints.
3. Whether you are seven , seventeen , or seven-seven years old your finger prints stay the same
4.These lines are called ridges. We all have a small amount of sweat and natural
oil on our skin.

Friday 24 March
My name is kaitiaki I am 8 years old and aI have 2 brothers My Brithday is on the 9 of february
My Favourite bookes are Geronimo Stiltion
My favourite thing at school is maths beacase it is smart at nambers every time and give it a try
and My favourite is spoter beacause I play ragby beacase I am fast at ranning and I play team playing ragby
in mannrewa and My old school is called mannrewa shouth school

Friday 24 March
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