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Friday 24 november
Week 6 reflection
For sports I have been doing shotput and long jump also high jump and sprint.
my favrite one was doing sprint and long jump.


Tuesday 26 September

wiki reflection
we have had s busy few weeks

For cross country last week I ran the hole way. and came first.

For our talking zoo I chose a bengal tiger it was cool.

calf club I am doing menacha garden and unshal cantaner I am looking ford to play games.

this term I am proud at doing my writing .
Friday 11 August
week 3

the NED show
Today we went to the NED show it was funny to watch but it was cool hayley did heaps of amazing tricks with the
balloons and yoyo
Image result for ned shows
Image result for ned shows

Thursday 3 August

week two
two things we have done this week are blow up soccer and Gymnastics it was hard in blow up soccer but I still won
it was fun.In Gymnastics it was cool I did handstand on the wall and me and layne did the well borrow thing some times
he droped me and I droped him because he was to heavy.

For art we have just finished our turtle pictures. We made this with mrs Taylor. to make these we had to tras around a shap
for it's shell then we choos warm or cold collers then we needed. To see what was our darks coller was then we collerd insade
the shap then we drod the turtle then we collerd itI .Chos warm and I gold for it then we cuted out sea flowers then we grabed a hot glow gun
and sticked it on to the back round then we wher done.


Friday 12 may

this term I have been working hard to do net witing so I can get beter.
I have been engoying doing art .
on sunday it is mother;s day .My mum is she is special.

Image result for mother's day clip art
Image result for mother's day clip art

Friday 10 march
im a year three my name is Jaxson my birthday is june the 25th I am 7 years old I am tiny I have a frinend seth he is cool
I like to do writing and maths I live in waiaupa road it is cool t live ther
im nely terning 8

Friday 3 March
Welcome to my wiki page

fact 1 twins do not have the same fingerprints.
fact 2 are born seven, seventeen ,or seventy- seven years old your fingerprints stay the same.
fact 3 thers loop whorl or arch.
fact 4 for fingerprints that have a similar ridge pattern.