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Tuesday 26 september
week 10 wiki refletion

we have been busy the few weeks.

for cross country last week I gave it my all running around the cort even thow it was hard i still made it across the finish line and i came 11th place YAY!

for our talking zoo last week I chose the two ted sloth i found lots of intresting facts about the two toed sloth here is one of my favorets did you know why sloths are so slow because its to do with what they eat.

for calf club I am doing a herb garden I am exited to see what I am going to get for it. for the indoor activites I am going to do baking, fruit and vegie animal and the foliage arangemunt.

this term I am proud of persivering on maths besause I am not that fermilliyer with it but i am proud of because I took risk on the hard math quistions.

Thursday 3 July
week 2

Two things we have done this week is topic and gymnasicks. at gymnasticks we played a game called dead bug tag. for topic we were lerning about ''amazing anamals''
we watched a video about how sietest grup them.

for art we just finished our turtle pictures. we made them with mrs taylor. to make these we had to draw our turtles shell then his body. we got to choose out of warm coulurs and cold coulers I picked warm. these are the coulers in warm pink,gold,orenge,yellow,red and brown.

Tuesday 25 July
week 1
our RICH focus this term is care. I can show care at school by helping other people when they are stuck on a activate or show care by picking them up when they fall down. I can show care at home by doing the dishwasher without complaning and feed the chickins so my dad dosen't have to do it.

my goal for this term is to get a better score than last year for cross country.

one great thing from the holidays was when my friends came over for a sleep over. my friends were Ruby and Madison we had a great time we danced and sang and had a great time.

for cross country I am feeling confadent because I came 9 place but I still think i can do better



Friday 24 March
My name is Isabella
and I am 8 years old
my favrot coulor is pink
and I love doing art. I like to play
net ball and I looooooove to eat sinamin rolls
is well. with family has a pet dog and 4 chikins
I have a twin sister and one brother I go to jazz class
every monday BFF and my twin sister thats me

My favoret subjects are art swimming and music I like art because
I get to coler in with bright and colerfull coulers

and this year I hope I could be an asembaly presenter because
I rely think I am put up to the task.