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Tuesday 26 september
Week 10 Reflection
Thursday 3 August
We have had a busy few weeks.

For cross country last week i...came last in the year 3 girls engod it.

For talking zoo i chose... a kala and over 10 people came to me.

For calf club i...am doing baking, foleg and veg anaima.

This term i am pround of math becuse maths are fun

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week 2
Week 2

Two things that we have done this week ...
gum school we played bug tag. Form Mucic we did youaldy.
For art we have just finished our turtle pictres. We made these with Mrs Taylor.To make these we had to...glae gane and l pikd worm carouuse.

Tuesday 25 July

On great thing from my holiday was I went to the Wearhouse and i sore Liam on saturday.

For cross counry Im feeling happy.


Friday 12 May


This term I have been working hard to...with lering

I have been enjoying...lering at school

On Sunday it is Mother's day My mum is...amazing at baking food

Image result for mothers day clipart
Image result for mothers day clipart

Wednesday 5 April

Nobody has the same wan not even twins.

they might leave fingerprints around the window or on the glass.

Friday 3 March
Welcome to my wiki page

Friday 24 march

My name is Emma I am in room 6. I have a brouther and his name is Jayden and he is 9. I like having my friends over.

reading,maths and writing.

This year I want to get steterket and a sever steterkit