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Friday 24 November
Week 6 Reflection
For sport I have been doing long jump, high jump sprints and shot put.
My favourite one is high jump.


Tuesday 26 September
Week 10 Reflection
We have had a busy few weeks.

For cross country last week I came 4th place I have never been 4th place before because last year I came 7th place but after I came 4th place I was so so so tired I had to sleep but I wanted to watch even know I was tired.

For our Talking Zoo I chose a African hunting dog and so many people came to me I had to read mine 30 times and when I was finished I had to catch my breath but that took for ever so I just kept reading and when I was finished I could not take any more.

For Calf Club I am doing a chicken and I am training it to do what I want it to do and after every thing I am going to see the other animals and I think most of them will have a ribbon and if they do I will read it.

This term I am proud of my work and how I have been working I am also proud of my self because I have been trying new things and not giving up and if I think I cant do it I will try any way.

Friday 11 August
Week 3
Never give up!
Encourage others!
Do your best!
Image result for ned show
Image result for ned show

Thursday 3 August
Week 2
Two things we have done this week are Gymnastics and print making. For Gymnastics we played a game called bug tag. For print making we went to room 8 and we had to paint leaves that have lots of veins and then stick them on to the paper and take them off again so we did not have the leaf on the paper we only had the veins that the leaf made with the paint.

For art we have just finished our turtle pictures. We made these with Mrs Taylor. To make these we had to draw the turtles shall and then color it in after we colored it in we drawed the head then the legs and then the tail and color them in and then Mrs Taylor had to make the shall stick up after that we made flower lilies and stick them on with a hot glue gun. For the coloring in I did warm colors even if we could only pick from warm or cold colors.

Tuesday 25 July
Week 1
Our RICH focus for this term is care. l can show care at school by helping someone if they are upset. Helping someone if they are hurt. I can show care at home by taking care of my dog. helping my mum when she needs help.

My goal for this term is to get my 1,0000 points at home.

One great thing from my holiday was that I got to go to Christchurch when I was their I went to the movies and watched Despicable me 3 it was great.

For cross country I am feeling happy and good.


Friday 12 May
This term I have been working hard to start working quietly when I go back to my table.
I have been enjoying handwriting.
On Sunday it is Mother's Day. My mum is fantastic.


Friday 3 March
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