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tuesday 26 september
week 10
we have had a busy few weeks
for calf club i did the milk bottle project and i did a bird feeder

Thursday 3 august
two things we have done this week we did. gymnastics in gymnastics there was 4 stages an we did all of the stages i liked all of them. but my most favorite stage was stage 3 i like stage 3 because of the trampolines i love trampoline.

tuesday 25 july
our RICH focus for this term is care. I can show care at school by if someone is hurt you can take them to the sick bay. Or if you have a plaster give the plaster to the boy or girl at school. Or you can help mum or dad clean up the house like do the washing or make you bed at home. if someone is having trouble on a math question you could help them at school. you could help your little brother or sister clean up there room at home.



friday 10 march
my name is ayden and i am 8 years old.

Friday 3 March
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