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Friday 24 November
Week 6 reflection
For sport I have been doing good on my high jump because I lasted til 4 people where left.
My favourite one was shotput


Tuesday 26 september
Week 10
We have had busy few weeks.

For cross country last week I came 12 the year 4s had a longer coarse then the year 3s the difference was the year 4s had to run the back feild while the year 3s had to right
and run the concreate coart.

For our Talking zoo I chose the great horned owl we had to prepare are facts into a information sheet I got 23 people to push my button heaps of people were here to listen to our facts.

For calf club I hope my herb tower gets a place because I worked very hard on it and it took a long time to make it probaley a few weeks to get it done+ the diary it took forever.

this term I am proud of my test I did last month it was the new south wales test I got the top 25% of year 4s in the pasific reagien amy noah and me did it I was very proud of myself.

Thursday 3 August
Week 2
Two things we have done this week are...
The new south wales test it was the reading test 3 people in room 6 did it.
And we did blow up soccer and played cowboys and indeans we had a game of soccer
boys vs boys. My team won on cowboys and indans your leader runs to the end without being hit
for art we just fieshed our turtle pictures we had to chose betwen hot coulers and cold coluers I chose cold colers.


Friday 12 may
This term I have been working hard to... finish my work on time

I have been enjoying... maths and going to the library

on sunday its Mothers day. My mum is... amazing at cooking

Image result for mother's day clip art
Image result for mother's day clip art


Friday 24 march
my name is Aston my birthday is on the 27 of march I am almost 8 I am
the oldest child we have 2 pets a cat and a dog and a sister I play the drums.I love
reading and I love animals and I play soccer we have a xbox and Lego I have lots of friends
I love swimming.

Friday 3 March
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