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Friday 24 November
Week 6 reflection
For sport I have been doing hurdles, long jump,relays,shotput and high jump.
my favourite one is relays.


Tuesday 26 September

week 10 Reflection
We have had a busy few weeks.
for cross country last week I came 9th place! And Iwas very tired . The corse was very big .
For our talking zoo I chose a chameleon had lots of information to read. And lots of people came. It was very fun.
for calf club I am running a lollie stall for half an hour . and I am doing a herb tower garden.
this term I am proud of my calinder art and getting a Distingtion in my English test.

Friday 11 August
week 3
Today we went to the NED show. It was very funny Hayley did lots of cool yo-yo tricks.
she told us a story about how NED got to school this morning it was very funny.
My favourite part was when she did this cool Spider man trick with her yo-yo she grabed the microphone with her yo-yo
and pulled it towards her then she caught the microphone !!!! It was so cool !!!!

Image result for the ned show
Image result for the ned show

Thursday 3 August

Week 2
Two things we have done this week are our gymnastics and print making on Monday. At gymnastics we played a game called dead bug tag.I liked jumping on the trampoline.
When we did print making we made leave prints.We used a leave ,white paint, black paper, colored paint and crayons. For art we have just finished our turtle pictures.
We made these with Mrs Taylor. To make these we had to draw a turtle on a big piece of paper. Then we used a hexagon shaped block as a stencil to draw the
patern on the shell. Next we colored the shell and then the body after that we cut it out and went over the shell in pastell. next we glued on some paper flowers that we made.

Tuesday 25 July
week 1
Our RICH focus for this term is care. I can show care at school by helping people with their work
when they are stuck and speaking politely to my friends. I can show care at home by unpacking my brothers school bag and setting the table for dinner.

My goal for this term is to come 1st in cross country.

One great thing from my holiday was going to Wellington by car.The best part was getting a souvenir.

for cross country I am feeling exited.


Friday 12 May
This term I have been working hard to write interesting stories. And getting all my spelling correct.
I have been enjoying doing art with Mrs Taylor.
On mothers day.My mum is going to grannies and me and my brother are coming too.


Friday 24 March
My name is Amy
my birthday is on 7 July.
I have a little brother called Liam.
He is six years old.
My favourite food is chocolate cake.
My favourite animal is a ladybird. I have 1 pet cat.
His name is Jake. He is 20 years old.
I am in room 6. My favourite sport is swimming.
At school my favourite subject is art. This year I hope I get better at maths.
because I want to move up a level at basic facts.

Thursday 9 March
Reading activity - how many words can you create and spell?
Amy letters 9.3.17.JPG

Friday 3 March
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